Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Campus


"A park in the city, a campus in the park and courtyards, gardens in the campus." The idea is to have distributions and transitions among different spatial masses.

Since the northern edge of the site is against the Tong Gu Hill of University Natural Park, it possesses a distinct hilly topography. While taking this existing site condition into consideration, the campus planning also ponders on the potential to establish a good spatial transition between the main city roads that are facing each other on either side of the site.

The entrance of the site is along the Long Xiang Blvd – a main common axis-network city road. Due to the road’s large width and high-speed traffic, we proposed to arrange the terraced academic buildings in a linear format bordering the road. This urban mass, acting as a city façade, is located in the part of the university campus that is closest to the city. The openings in the buildings not only serve as better ventilators but also as peepholes into the campus landscape, acting as yet another highlight of the city façade.

Discipline : architecture
Program : university
Location : Shenzhen, China
Date : 2012
Site Area : 501,300sqm
Building Area : 103,300sqm
Total Floor Area : 461,677sqm
Project Type : Competition