Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Renovation


Originally designed in 1972, the Kitakyushu Municipal Art Museum underwent a recent major renovation to upgrade the museum facilities to the latest standards. The renovation outline included revitalization of the external façade which saw the Aluminum panels and white marble walls restored to their original polish. The interior exhibition spaces were upgraded with the renovation of the transformer room interior, the exhibition galleries, new internal lighting, air conditioning equipment and an ergonomic viewing loop. Utility zones such as toilets were identified and upgraded with new fixtures and equipment. A new elevator was introduced for free vertical circulation between the entrance lobby and the third-floor display galleries. A buffer zone was introduced at the entrance of display galleries to proper internal temperature and humidity control. Additionally, the interiors of offices, stores, galleries and the Museum shop were refurbished. The museum re-opened with a grand exhibition of Joseph Turner’s paintings in November 2017.

Discipline : renovation
Program : art museum
Location : Kitakyushu, Japan
Date : 2012-2017
Site Area : 27,233sqm
Building Area : 4,998sqm
Total Floor Area : 7,491sqm