Astana EXPO 2017, Master Plan

アスタナEXPO 2017 会場マスタープラン

EXPO 2017 to be held in Astana posed fundamental questions as to how a world fair is to be held at an age of sustainability concerns. Our main approach was of a long-term development for the large urban area as well as for the EXPO site itself. A holistic concept was proposed based on the following:

Towards a polycentric city: The EXPO site as the first of many satellite cities to surround Astana City Center and initiate a process of balanced growth of the city.

New skyline typology: Instead of the vertical icons seen at Astana along the main axis, EXPO 2017 is suggested as a horizontal icon, accessible to all people, representing a natural hill.

Shift in City Planning: By creating several islands of various functions around the EXPO 2017 site the urban plan emphasizes pedestrian, parks and public spaces over roads and heavy traffic. All parking is located below ground and the extent of roads is minimized.

Compact EXPO site: In a shift from the standard Expo plan, an emphasis was laid not on individual pavilions but on a unifying element which allows for a compact, sustainable and energy efficient EXPO while allowing for various pavilions to be expressed within it.

An all climate City: An urban/EXPO master plan composed of multiple levels including an underground winter city. In between spaces, protected spaces create an unbroken connection between the open public spaces, the landscape, and the buildings.

Discipline : master plan
Program : expo
Location : Astana, Kazakhstan
Date : 2013
Site Area : 1,792,000sqm
Building Area : 497,000sqm
Total Floor Area : 2,438,800sqm
Prize : Competition 2nd prize
Project Type : Competition