Kitakyushu Children's Library


To create a user-friendly reading environment, different functions are assigned on each floor with the Nursery students’ reading room on the ground floor adjacent to the Katsuyama Park, the Primary, Secondary and High-school students’ reading rooms adjacent to the entrance lobby and a Multi-purpose Room on the first floor. An elevator is also introduced for convenient circulation. The approach is to create a barrier-free and flexible interior, encouraging children to be relaxed in a comfortable reading space without the usual restrictions of generic bookshelves. The internal structure of the library has been upgraded to the latest earthquake-resistant standards. The primary objectives of this project are:

Active Exchange with Neighborhood Schools:

One of the main objectives of the Library is to strengthen relationships with the neighborhood schools by setting up a support center that can manage groups of students from different schools.

Foster Civic Pride:

A proposed zone celebrating the work of local authors and storytellers from Kitakyushu and a "Global Maps and Picture Books" corner aimed at fostering global perspectives of children and prepare them for the future.

Encourage Reading Habits:

Children not keen on reading activities can actively engage themselves in library events encouraging them to develop a fun attitude towards reading and eventually be interested in literature.

Discipline : interior renovation
Program : library
Location : Kitakyushu, Japan
Date : 2016-2018
Total Floor Area : 2,219sqm