West Bay Water Transport Terminal

ドーハ 海上交通ターミナル ウエストベイ

The idea is to imagine a partially sunken cylinder inclined towards the site. The part that projects outwards is intersected by the activity lines of the flow of visitors, vehicles, and ships that define the final roof profile. This roof acts as a grand awning enclosing all the terminal activities under it and presenting itself as the building as the city’s iconic Marine Gate. The envelope of the Terminal structure is composed of a concrete shell structure. The floor has a smooth and seamless finish. The tiled ceiling allows for an active and vibrant play of both natural and artificial lights with its reflective characteristic. The central lightwell area is designed so that the visitors, even within the building’s innermost area, can enjoy daylight and landscape features.

Discipline : architecture
Program : transportation terminal
Location : Doha, Qatar
Date : 2017-