Doha Residence


Direct sunlight, which is considered a source of high heat gain in Doha, reaches both exterior and interior spaces at the same level of strength when there is no proper treatment on the facade. This usually results in high demand for cooling for the interior spaces. To counter this, a screen is introduced to the facade of the building in order to filter the sunlight before it reaches the interior space. The facade wall in front of the balcony area is, however, left open since it is considered an exterior space, allowing a better view to the outside.

The staggered stacking of the volume creates wind corridors within the structure allowing efficient internal cross ventilation, hence bringing down the temperature even further. This geometry also allows for open balcony spaces to scatter within the mass, providing each housing unit with its individual open space and creating a distinctive facade.

Discipline : architecture
Program : condominium
Location : Doha, Qatar
Date : 2017
Total Floor Area : 14,079sqm
Project Type : Competition