Chendu Unicorn Island Project


Unicorn Island is proposed to be a new economy leader in the Tianfu New Area acting as a platform for Incubation. It is identified by the following characteristics:

Futuristic / Systematic / Artistic / Modern / Distinctive / Open

By analyzing methods to achieve both urban planning and effective construction, the program was developed as a proposal for Tianfu District to become a new economic leader. We proposed to apply a unique style of urban planning and showcase a new urban form in an innovative way. The conventional approach of having separate architectural and the master planning methods only leads to structures being stacked into pre-determined lots. However, by combining these two methods, we achieve a unique and highly efficient way of planning for Incubation.

The ultimate goal of the project is to reintegrate the planned blocks with architectural and planning solutions to create a composite Incubator.

The Unicorn Island project aims to integrate architecture and planning through a new type/model. This is a new form of urban planning that is neither architectural nor master planning. The project's main aim is to attract promising young companies to participate in the Unicorn Island Project.

Discipline : urban design
Location : Chendu, China
Date : 2018
Project Type : Competition